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Founded in 1991 BMP Audio has been making all things aural for 25 years. Our Peabody Award winning team produces everything from podcasts, talk shows, documentaries, music specials, and audio books, to nationally syndicated radio programs.

We produce high quality audio, and can facilitate projects in all steps of the production process. Over the years our partners and clients have included people and institutions as diverse as Dan Aykroyd, Stanford University, the Library of Congress, Susan Sarandon, and Kevin Bacon.

Our projects are equally as diverse, ranging from a history of the blues, to a cannabis journalism podcast, to a weekly philosophical call-in program.

We’ve won every major award the audio world has to offer, including the Peabody Award, Edward R. Murrow Award, the Major Armstrong Award, and the full sweep of Grand, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards from the International Radio Festival.

To learn more about BMP and how we can create or aid in your project please contact us.

Ben Manilla speaks at the 2016 Podcast Movement in Chicago, IL.